Riad Les Ammonites

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Taroudant Room
One of the most popular rooms. Equipped with a big bed covered with a canopy, spacious bathroom with a beige Tadelakt and shower.

Zagora Room
Zagora is a wonderful corner room on the first floor in violet colour. Furnished with a very traditional wood spiral canopy with a king size bed. The window is situated toward the quiet residential road, big bathroom with maroon Zellige flooring with shower.

Mali Room
A very nice room, on the ground floor, with 2 windows facing to the pool , Both the bed structure and built-in cupboard are decorated with precious carved inlays from Mali. The bathroom is in beige Tadelakt with a sink in dark fossils stone with shower.

Berber Suite
Very large suite has 2 windows overlooking the patio and the pool, the suite is equipped with a lounge sofa that can be used as an extra bed at no extra cost. Decorated with dark wood furniture and maichort this suite also offers ample space to sit and relax, large bathroom with shower.

Manzeh Suite
This very large beautiful suite in the orange colour offers the same grand bathroom and exquisite décor with a very high and old ceiling in traditional wood work. By being on the first floor you are simply a step nearer to enjoying the terrace.

Marrakech Suite
Spacious suite in red color on the first floor. King size bed, 2 sofas; the suite has 2 windows facing inwards towards the patio. The bathroom is very grand in size and finished in traditional beige Tadelakt it has a double shower and red zellige flooring.

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